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Deals on Fit Father Supplements

FFP Super Fuel
3 Bottle Bundle

Super Fuel Protein

The Delicious All-in-One Protein +
Superfoods for Busy Guys

33% OFF

Normally: $209


Delicious SUPER FUEL is the complete All-In-One Clean Protein Powder with 40+ vitamins, minerals, and organic Superfoods. Each scoop contains 20g protein, probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and digestive enzymes. It’s so delicious, very low in sugar, and contains ZERO artificial sweeteners. We manufacture SUPER FUEL in the USA in a FDA registered cGMP facility and we 3rd party test to ensure the highest standards of purity. Each bottle has 30-servings packed with the protein & vitamins your body needs. This Father's Day deal gives you 33% off a 3-month supply. SUPER FUEL comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, & 100% Plant-based Chocolate.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • 20g Protein + Delicious Taste
  • 40+ Vitamins + Organic Superfoods
  • Probiotics + Prebiotics for GI Health
  • Low Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners

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** Includes FREE 20 Best Shake Recipes Guide!

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FFP Faster Stack

(1 bottle Superfuel, 1 bottle Test
Booster RX, 1 bottle Burn RX)

Super Fuel + Burn RX + Test Booster

29% OFF

Normally: $195


We call this the “Faster Stack” because it’s includes the #1 exact supplements to help you see the fastest weight loss & health improvements possible. You get Fit Father SUPER FUEL (any flavor) + BURN: Metabolism and Energy Booster + TEST BOOSTER: Men’s Natural Testosterone Support. You take BURN in the morning for elevated & sustained metabolism and energy. You take TEST BOOSTER at night before bed. The researched-back formulation of Zinc-Magnesium + Ashwagandha can help you sleep deeper and increase your testosterone production overnight. All 3 of these products are science based & Doctor Formulated for Dads 40+.

Our 3 Best Supplements, All-in-one!

  • Super Fuel for Protein & Nutrition
  • Burn RX for a faster metabolism
  • Test Booster for testosterone support
  • All 3 work together perfectly!

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FFP Faster Basic

Burn RX + Test Booster

(1 bottle Test Booster RX,
1 bottle Burn RX)

This Proven Duo Helps Your Body
Burn Fat & Support Testosterone Levels

29% OFF

Normally: $125


The FFP Faster Basic includes one bottle of BURN + one bottle of TEST BOOSTER. It does not include SuperFuel, so this is a great option for guys who already have a protein + super greens powder that they love, yet still want to experience the powerful benefits of taking BURN and TEST BOOSTER together. You’ll take 3 caps of BURN in the morning for more energy, focus, and motivation. Before bed, you’ll take 3 caps of TEST BOOSTER which will naturally increase your T-production overnight while also helping you sleep deeper, recover faster, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Benefits of this powerful combo:

  • Improves libido, stamina & recovery
  • Promotes faster weight & fat loss
  • Increases energy, strength & motivation
  • Reduces hunger and cravings

2 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • You get 1 bottle of Burn RX
  • You get 1 Bottle of Test Booster
  • You save 29% today!
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** Includes FREE Fat Burning & Testosterone Guides!

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3 Bottle Bundle


The 100% Natural Energy & Metabolism
Booster for Busy Guys 40+

28% OFF

Normally: $180


BURN: Metabolism Booster is the 100% natural thermogenic fat burner plus energy & metabolism support for guys 40+. It contains the best science backed fat burning ingredients like Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Cayenne, and Caffeine. BURN also has key ingredients like Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vit B12 to balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and enhance your focus, energy, and wellbeing. Take 3 caps of BURN before noon. In minutes, you’ll feel a lift in your energy, clarity, and mood. Enhanced fat burning happens automatically.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • Elevates your fat burning metabolism
  • Boosts and sustains energy naturally
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Great for focus & productivity!
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3 Bottle Bundle


The 100% Natural Testosterone
Supplement for Busy Guys 40+

29% OFF

Normally: $195


TEST BOOSTER is for guys who want to support their testosterone levels… and who desire more energy, increased libido, better sleep, and improved stamina, blood flow & prostate health. TEST BOOSTER includes 13 powerful, research-backed vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help boost your body's own testosterone production naturally. It's 100% natural and science-based… and TEST BOOSTER will NOT shut your production down like Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Take 3 caps at night… and it helps your body increase Testosterone levels naturally.

3 Bottle Bundle (Special Deal):

  • 13+ Research Backed Ingredients
  • Supports testosterone levels
  • Reduces stress eating & cravings
  • Improves energy, sleep, libido!
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** Includes FREE Testosterone Guide!

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Fit Father Supplements Are Safe. Research-Backed.
Made in the USA… and Very Effective.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Love Your Supplements
Or You Pay Nothing.

New Special Content for YOU + Join Us at the FFP Retreat!

Dr. A’s New Mastermind
& EMF Presentation

As a FFP Lifetime Member, you’re in
Dr. A’s new Mastermind for FREE



You heard the BIG NEWS! The FFP is making some great improvements. We’re developing our new mobile app, we’re simplifying our pricing model for new Fit Fathers who join, and to celebrate these changes… Dr. A is launching his new PRIVATE MASTERMIND group where he will deliver you high-level health training presentations 1x each Quarter of the year. These presentations will be on important health topics that are not covered in the main program materials. We promise you will find these presentations eye-opening, actionable, and highly valuable for you and your family.

This first presentation is all about the health effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from our cell phones, WiFi, and wireless Bluetooth devices. If you’ve ever wondered if there are health impacts from these devices, watch Dr. A’s powerful presentation.

NEW content for lifetime members!

  • Quarterly LIVE TRAINING w/Dr. A
  • High-level, cutting edge health info!
  • Private FB group + Private Library

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9 Spots Remaining

Fit Father Retreat #3
(September ‘23)

September 2023, Sedona, AZ

Sept. 28th - Oct. 1st in stunning
Sedona, Arizona



You’re invited to join us as one of the 14 Guys attending our upcoming FFP Retreat in Sedona, AZ this September 2023. At the retreat, you’ll connect with Dr. A, experience world-class hiking and nature walks, eat gourmet healthy food prepared by our private chefs, experience special tours of Sedona, and enjoy private workouts led by Dr. A and the FFP Staff… with a few surprises too of course. Our first two retreats received a 9.5 star rating from the guys in attendance, and we’re taking it to the next level!

The retreat is $3000 (All Inclusive besides airfare). There are 14 spots available. To reserve your spot, make your $1500 fully refundable deposit today. After securing your spot, our team will contact you to discuss logistics and answer any questions.

Join our 3rd Fit Father Retreat!

  • Only 14 spots available
  • 1-on-1 time with Dr. A & Staff
  • Bonding, relaxation, adventure & fun!
  • Delicious, healthy chef-prepared meals