Attention: Men over 40 with at least 30lbs to lose...

We Have Already Helped 33,316 Busy Men In 104 Countries Lose Weight & Get Healthier Without Restrictive Diets or Time-Consuming Workouts...

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?


With hundreds of weight loss programs on the market, how is Fit Father Project different?

Simple... We Care About
Your Success!

To ensure your success, I have built a team of accountability coaches, trainers, and support staff who dedicate their time to helping you through every step of your journey. Whether it's getting you through your setup steps, encouraging you through a bad day, offering you alternative exercises for the workouts, or fine-tuning your diet plan, my team are here to make your success their priority!

So...What's Included

The FF30X Simple, “No Think” Meal Plan

The "No Think" meal plan lays out exactly what you need to succeed, whatever your schedule. (All the best foods, shopping lists, quick-cook recipes, & meal timing schedules).

With this plan, you'll finally be able to lose fat while enjoying delicious food – without feeling hungry, tired, or battling cravings like restrictive diets.

The Fit Father Fat Loss + Lean Muscle Workouts.

You can do these safe & time-efficient workouts at home or in the gym – in under 120 min/week. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 5 ft of floor space.

These workouts are designed to boost your metabolism so you're burning fat as you did in your 20s.

The Fit Father Accountability System

This is what sets us apart from other health and weight loss programs out there. My team of Fit Father Coaches and I provide you with accountability emails that keep you on track and motivated to ensures your success on the program.

My FFP Team will also follow up with you, answer questions, and contact you directly if needed. We're in your ear coaching you from Day #1 so that you feel fully supported throughout!

The Fit Father "Brotherhood" Community

Our private community group (Currently via Facebook), is a
secondary support system where you can post out to other
guys on the programs (aka - Your FFP "Brothers").

Whether it's to share an NSV (or 'Non-Scale Victory'), celebrate
a PB on your Apex 10 workout, or ask a question to others in
the group, the whole community is there for you.

Long-term bonds of friendship have been forged in this melting
pot of true legends - Our Program Members!

Meet Some Of Our
Successful Members

[Quote] - Dan Beatty Lost 80lbs in [X] months

[Quote] - Craig Taylor Lost 130 lbs in 12 months

[Quote] - Ralph Morales + Jennifer Anaya Lost [X] lbs & [X] lbs in [X] months

[Quote] - [Member] Lost [X] lbs in [X] months

[Quote] - [Member] Lost [X] lbs in [X] months

[Quote] - [Member] Lost [X] lbs in [X] months

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