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“Well brothers, today I’ve completed 4 full months on the Fit Father Program. And I can officially say I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been thanks to this program. I’ve lost 55lbs… from a 38 to a 32 jean size. The energy I now have is amazing! I feel better today than when I got married 30 years ago!” – Dan, 55 years young

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Simple Meal Plan, Safe Metabolism-Boosting Workouts, & Accountability coaching included. Start today risk-free » * Backed By our Ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee *
Love the program & your results or you pay nothing.


  • It's clear and action-oriented.
    You don't need to do any thinking. You just follow the simple, step-by-step plan and see real results.
  • It's safe & time-efficient.
    The workouts are built for undertrained guys 40+ and they still get killer results with short workouts.
  • It's simple.
    You'll take each week at a time. You'll never do more than 2 things at once. Try that with those 19 disk sets they sell on late night TV.
  • It's comprehensive.
    To lose weight & keep it off, your whole life needs to get aligned. Mind. Body. Spirit. We help you do that.
  • It's sustainable.
    You'll build the key habits to make this a lifestyle transformation with results that actually last.
  • I keep you accountable & motivated.
    This is the #1 difference maker. This isn't a book or DVD you'll buy and leave on your shelf. Our entire FFP team is in your ear coaching you from Day #1.




This proven "Fit Father Program" you're about to discover has helped over 26,000 busy men over 40 burn 100,000lbs and rebuild lean muscle. If you're frustrated with stubborn belly fat, weight loss plateaus, failed diets where you regain weight, and feeling too busy to get healthy, this is the program you’ve been looking for. Watch the video below to learn more:

FF30X hands you everything you need to lose weight, build age-defying muscle, & get healthy for life.

  • The Fit Father “No Think” Meal Plan that lays out the exact diet plan (all the best foods, shopping lists, quick-cook recipes, & meal timing schedules). With this plan, you'll finally be able to lose fat while enjoying delicious food – without feeling hungry, tired, or battling cravings like restrictive diets.
  • The Fit Father Fat Loss + Lean Muscle Workouts. You can do these safe & time-efficient workouts at home or the gym – in under 120 min/week. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 5 ft of floor space. These workouts are designed to boost your metabolism so you're burning fat like you did in your 20s.
  • The Fit Father Accountability System – where me and my team of Fit Father Coaches provide you with accountability emails that keep you on track and motivated to ensures your success on the program. Listen, FF30X isn't another crap diet book or DVD program you'll leave in the plastic wrap. We're in your ear coaching you from Day #1 so that you feel fully supported.


Do I need any special equipment for the Fit Father workouts?

Nope! All you need is a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and around 5 feet of floor space.

Here’s another unique & Powerful feature of this Fit Father 30X program…

With your new FF30X workout routine, we give you BOTH “at-home” workouts and “at-the-gym” workouts – so whatever level of equipment access you have (or where you prefer to exercise) you will have a plan that works for you.

This plan is as comprehensive as it gets.

Can FF30X work for my entire family (wife and kids?)

Yes! We perfectly portion all the simple & delicious meals on FF30X to provide multiple servings, so that you can either feed your whole family the nutritious food OR save the meals for another day.

Now, because this program is custom for guys, we do perfectly portion the calories for YOUR SUCCESS as a man.

We have a separate women's program called Fit Mother 30X that we developed for spouses/girlfriends/female family members that our team can get you started with as well.

We’ve had hundreds of wives lose weight doing this program alongside their husbands.

Like Brett’s wife here who lost 11lbs (while Brett dropped 25lbs) on FF30X. They are both looking and feeling incredible now. This plan improved their health but made their marriage stronger.

What is the total program cost again?

Just $147. One payment. No funny business. No hidden recurring charges or any of that crap. We do business the way we like to be treated – like family! Remember: your entire program is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is literally risk free for you to get your best body back in the next 30 days – or your money back (this very very RARELY happens but we do honor it – no questions asked).

How is this program delivered (hard copies or digital)?

The FF30X program is delivered 100% digitally right after you complete the program signup form.

We make this program available digitally for a few big benefits to you:

1) You can get started on reading the program materials and watching the videos right away.

2) You can access your FF30X program from ANYWHERE – any laptop, smart phone, or computer.

3) When the newest nutrition & exercise research comes out, we update your program automatically so you always have the latest and greatest info.

4) We keep you accountable with coaching emails & accountability check-ins during the program.

We also formatted the entire program to be printer friendly, so you can easily print out the meal plan and workout templates. Many of our program members do this.

How do I get my program bonuses?

One of the most popular benefits of the Fit Father 30X Program is that our team personally keeps you accountable as you’re using the meal plan and workouts.

When you sign-up for FF30X, you’ll instantly be delivered a special email with a FF30X ACTIVATION LINK. When you click that link, it will begin your program delivery of 30 days of bonus email training with advanced tips, strategies, and accountability.

All of your bonuses will be delivered via email through that FF30X Private Email Training. That way, we can get you the bonuses at SPECIFIC TIMES throughout the program to maximize your success.

For example, when you start exercising on Week #1, we’ll send you private email training on how to beat muscle soreness. Cool right? Also, our staff of personal trainers is with you from Day #1 to field all of your questions and keep you on track.

What is your Return Policy & Success Guarantee Again?

This question is simple.

If you are not BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS THRILLED with your results on Fit Father 30X or anything with the program materials…or if you just change your mind about the program for any reason…

You send our team an email at, and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

You have a FULL 30 DAYS to test everything out, try the meal plan, try the workouts, and see the real results in your life. If for ANY REASON you are not 100% satisfied with ANYTHING and you want your money back…you just send us an email at, and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund of your $147 investment – no questions asked.

It’s that simple. We do business how we like to be treated – like family!

What makes FF30X different from other weight loss programs out there?

The sad truth is that there are a ton of crap gimmicky weight loss programs out there that can get you short-term results one radical diets… but you eventually fall off track and regain the weight because the plans are not sustainable.

We designed FF30X to give you the exact TOOLS you need to actually lose weight…and keep it off long-term – by giving you every tool you need:

  • our simple Fit Father Meal Plan ... that will help you lose weight - while actually enjoying sticking to healthier eating long-term.
  • our time-efficient FF30X workouts to help boost your metabolism and build lean muscle.
  • expert coaching to help you get and stay motivated throughout the program.

Again, we give you the tools with FF30X. Other good programs (as rare as they are) provide these core tools too. Most crap weight loss products out there are just isolated diets, gimmicky supplements, or complicated workouts that neglect the holistic "big picture" of what it really takes to lose weight.

All that said... even with the best tools, you still need to work the program.
FF30X (or any other program) will NOT work if you don't put in the work.

On that (very important) note: I suppose what makes FF30X much more effective & different than other weight loss programs is that we actually walk you through the entire program via accountability email training (messaging you every day with tips & support throughout the entire program).

As I hinted at to you above, one of the big problems with 99% of exercise DVDs/diets/weight loss programs is that there is no accountability and engagement.

The workout DVD sits in the plastic wrap. The diet book sits on the shelf.

We fix that lack of accountability with our email system and world-class support team.
Based on the starting stats of thousands of guys who have gone through the program, many guys lose between 15-20lbs in the first month.

More importantly than the weight loss you will experience is the fact that you'll have a ton of momentum coming out of FF30X to sustain your progress for the months and years ahead.

We hope this helps provide some perspective.
FF30X is a proven program that our FFP Team has tested on thousands of guys - so I'm 100% confident in saying that I know the program will help you tremendously.

No magic. No gimmicks. Just a solid program with good coaching to back it up.

What is the difference between your FF30X and old school muscle programs?

Fit Father 30X (FF30X) is our flagship program geared for the following:

  • Primary Goal: Fat Loss & Weight Loss
  • Primary Goal: To help you build the foundational eating, exercise, and accountability habits that will allow you to finally get the weight off and stay healthy long-term.
  • Primary Goal: Get you motivated and keep you accountable.
  • Secondary Goal: Build muscle and strength.

FF30X is our most-popular program (by far) largely because it covers the entire gamut of foundational health education in a very simple, action-oriented program - including topics on:

  • best supplements for men 40+
  • how to properly do cheat meals
  • how alcohol and fat loss mix
  • and of course... the actual meal plans, workouts, & accountability coaching.

FF30X is adaptable for continued training beyond the initial 30-day cycle, although we do have a Phase #2 program that many of our members move on to.

Old School Muscle is our muscle-building specific program for men 40+.

It is truly a more advanced 8-week weightlifting program - geared to increase strength and muscle mass - in a consistent, progressive, and joint-friendly way. Like FF30X, OSM also includes a meal plan, workout tracking, and accountability.

The OSM Program is designed for guys who are under 15% bodyfat and want to make putting on lean muscle and getting stronger a PRIMARY GOAL. Most of our OSM Program members have gone through FF30X first, because the program does require prior weightlifting experience (which we cover in FF30X). If you are a lean man over 40 who needs to gain muscle/weight then Old School Muscle could be right for you.

For the vast majority of cases, we recommend FF30X first to help guys lean out a bit and prime their bodies for the muscle building in OSM.


Welcome to the Fit Father Project. My name is Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, NMD. I'm the creator of the Fit Father Project, and over the past 10 years, I’ve dedicated my life to one thing: helping busy fathers lose weight and build muscle to stay healthy for their families. There are a lot of "diets" out there. Here's why our FF30X Program and FFP Team is the best approach to help you finally reach your dream health & body.


  • The Fit Father 30X System hands you everything you need to lose weight, boost your metabolism, build muscle, and make all the health changes actually last.
  • This proven FF30X System is backed by our Ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: you lose weight and fall in love with the program or you pay nothing. Join over 10,000 of your fellow brothers inside FF30X & start seeing real results that last.
- JUST $147


Join the FF30X Program today. Love your results… or you pay nothing. After helping thousands of men succeed with this programs, our team is so confident that FF30X will be the BEST FITNESS SYSTEM you've ever used that we're willing to offer you this ironclad money-back guarantee: use FF30X for 30-days and see the real results for yourself. If you're not satisfied with anything for any reason, you get a 100% refund. No questions asked. This isn't about the money for our Fit Father Team. It's about the mission of helping busy guys like you get and stay healthy for life. Try FF30X today.